Colorful Display of Artworks at Shivam in Udaipur

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09 May 24
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Colorful Display of Artworks at Shivam in Udaipur

Renowned sculptor Adwait Ganapati, former director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, emphasized the challenges faced by artists in the era of communication revolution and digital media. He addressed artists and art enthusiasts during an evening filled with music, painting, and vibrant conversations titled "Rangtarang" at the Sukher-based Kalangan Shivam, a unique museum showcasing exquisite sculptural works.

Ganapati urged artists to embrace their roots and continue honing their artistic skills. He stressed that without complete dedication, continuous effort, and practice, neither would the artist achieve satisfaction nor would the artwork attain perfection. He reassured the artists that soon there would be a unique project collaboration with Udaipur's artists.

The event commenced with a warm welcome by Hemant Joshi, the founder of Shivam and the program coordinator, who shed light on the objectives of Kalangan and such events. The chief guest admired the displayed sculptural works at Kalangan Shivam and praised the artistic skills of Hemant Joshi.

Notable guests and young entrepreneurs, including Niteej Murdia, highlighted the crisis facing traditional local arts and artists. They pointed out the challenges of maintaining the viability of traditional artworks and artists amid the dominance of foreign and cheaper PVC artworks in the market. They emphasized the need for artists to receive fair prices for their creations and to combat the discrepancies caused by middlemen. Shraddha Murdia, President of the Kashthi Foundation, suggested that art conservation and development organizations must step forward to provide support to artists, considering the current situation.

The evening featured a variety of presentations, including flute performances by Dr. Chitrasen, captivating storytelling by Rajat Kahanivalla, urban sketching guided by Sunil Laddha, and live sculpture demonstrations by artist Neelofar Munir. Social media experts, YouTubers, painters, and music composers were also present at the event, adding to the diverse mix of talents and perspectives.

The event at Kalangan Shivam not only showcased the artistic prowess of local talents but also ignited discussions on the challenges and opportunities in the contemporary art scene. It served as a platform for artists to come together, share experiences, and seek solutions for sustaining traditional art forms in the digital age.

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