Successful Surgery for a Child with Two Complex Ailments at PIMS Hospital

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21 Jan 24
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Successful Surgery for a Child with Two Complex Ailments at PIMS Hospital

Udaipur: Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital in Umrada recently performed a successful surgery on a seven-month-old child suffering from two distinct ailments.

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Atul Mishra explained that the first surgery was conducted when the child was just two days old. The initial procedure addressed a rare condition known as tracheoesophageal fistula, where the food pipe doesn't form properly. This surgery took place seven months ago and was deemed successful. However, the child was recently admitted to PIMS Hospital due to complaints of coughing and fever (pneumonia).

Upon examination, the child was diagnosed with a second major condition, diaphragmatic hernia. This ailment involves a large opening in the diaphragm, creating a complex and risky situation that requires surgery as the only solution. The operation lasted for approximately two and a half hours, closing the opening successfully.

Dr. Mishra highlighted the rarity of having both conditions simultaneously in a single child. The collective efforts of the entire medical team, coupled with the parents' trust and divine grace, resulted in the child now being completely healthy.

Throughout this process, the Anesthesia Department, led by Dr. Kamlesh, Dr. Peenu, Dr. Hardika, Dr. Ipra, along with staff members Arun, Pradeep, Kuldeep, Ashok, and pediatric department doctors Dr. Vivek Parashar, Dr. Rahul Khatri, played crucial roles.

Chairman of PIMS Hospital, Ashish Agrawal, emphasized that the hospital institute is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. They provide treatments either at highly affordable rates or free of charge under various government schemes like Bhamashah, ensuring accessible healthcare for all.

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