Reviving Lives with Cutting-Edge Care"

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10 Jun 24
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Reviving Lives with Cutting-Edge Care"

Udaipur. In today's era, medical science has advanced so much that complex physical issues can be addressed effectively if treated promptly by skilled physicians. A similar case emerged in Lake City, where doctors at Paras Health Hospital successfully treated a 65-year-old woman despite her heart attack and other severe conditions. The patient is now completely healthy and has been discharged from the hospital. She had been battling chronic kidney disease, diabetes, eosinophilic pneumonia in both lungs, and brain-related physical problems for a long time.

The patient had been suffering from diabetes, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure for 20 years, leading to weakened kidneys that required MH dialysis for the past six years. She had undergone two brain surgeries and knee replacement surgery. In May of this year, she suffered a heart attack, worsening her condition. She was immediately admitted to Paras Health, where it was found that all three of her main heart arteries were blocked.

Dr. Amit Khandelwal, Head of Cardiology at Paras Health Udaipur, explained, "Diabetes and other diseases had weakened her heart. She had blockages in all three coronary arteries, including the left main artery, causing extreme fatigue, breathlessness, and dizziness."

Upon thorough examination, Dr. Khandelwal discovered that the heart's pumping capacity had reduced. Coronary angiography revealed triple vessel disease, with one artery 100% blocked and two 95% blocked. "Given her diabetes and kidney issues, open-heart or bypass surgery posed high risks. Hence, a minimally invasive treatment was necessary. Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (S-IVL) was considered the most suitable option."

S-IVL uses a special balloon to clear arterial blockages. It is a minimally invasive technique, faster to recover from, and less risky compared to bypass surgery. Successful S-IVL procedures were performed on two major arteries, with two stents placed in each artery. Additionally, medications such as blood thinners, statins, and beta-blockers were used to alleviate her symptoms. This technique is particularly useful for complex heart cases and patients with high calcium deposits. Paras Health has successfully completed three S-IVL cases in the past month.

The team involved in the successful treatment included non-invasive cardiologist Dr. Jayesh Khandelwal and critical care specialist Dr. Nitin Kaushik. Nephrologist Dr. Ashutosh Soni also continued to manage the patient's kidney care during the treatment. He emphasized the importance of maintaining kidney health while treating the heart.

Dr. Abel George, FD at Paras Health, stated that this case demonstrates the expertise and dedication of the medical team at Paras Health Udaipur in handling complex and severe health conditions. The collaborative efforts between cardiology and nephrology specialists exemplify the hospital's commitment to patient-centered, advanced care.

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