Grand Shri Kamadhenu Surbhi Mahayajna to Debut in Bhilwara During Magh Month

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10 Feb 24
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Grand Shri Kamadhenu Surbhi Mahayajna to Debut in Bhilwara During Magh Month

*Bhilwara,  Bhilwara city will witness the inaugural Shri Kamadhenu Surbhi Mahayajna during the sacred Magh month. Hosted at the Hanuman Tekri-based Kathiababa Ashram, preparations are underway for the event, commencing on Basant Panchami (February 14) and concluding on February 20.

Yajnacharya Acharya Shri Mukesh Avasthi Maharaj from Shridham Vrindavan will preside over the grand ritual. Concurrently, Shri Radha Raseshwari Raslila Mandal from Vrindavan will organize nightly devotional Raslila at the ashram. The event preparations were discussed in a spirited meeting at Kathiababa Ashram under the guidance of Mahant Banwari Sharan Kathiababa. Attendees expressed determination to make the event a success, and responsibilities were assigned to devotees for various aspects of the preparation. Mahant Banwari Sharan Kathiababa blessed all attendees, emphasizing the need for collective effort to ensure the event's success.

Shri Kamadhenu Surbhi Mahayajna will commence with the Kalash Yatra and Mandap entry at 8:15 AM on February 14. The fire installation (Agni Sthapana) under Arni Manthan will take place on February 15, with the concluding Purnahuti and Maha Aarti scheduled for February 20. The ashram premises are being adorned with a vast pandal for the grand event, with hundreds of yajmans contributing to the Mahayajna daily. The local villagers of Chhoti Harni are also actively supporting the organizing committee to ensure the success of this significant event.

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