Little Picasso's Fifth Day: Hindi Play 'Lost Where We Belong' Staged at Rasdhara Cultural Institute

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06 Jan 24
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Little Picasso's Fifth Day: Hindi Play 'Lost Where We Belong' Staged at Rasdhara Cultural Institute

Bhilwara: The local Akruti Kala Sansthan, in collaboration with LN Jayashree (LNJ) Group, RCM Group, Ankur Furniture, Art and Collection, and Ostwal Group, organized the staging of the Hindi play 'Lost Where We Belong' on the fifth day of the Shyamsundar Ajani Memorial event, Little Picasso 2023. The event took place on January 5, 2024, at 6 PM in the Rasdhara Cultural Institute's Mini Auditorium, with the support of Ravi Ojha and Anurag Singh, youth directors.*

*Chief guests for the program, including legislator Ashok Kothari, social worker Puja Glundia, and Assistant Commissioner Anirudh Vaishnav, inaugurated the event with a ceremonial lighting. Providing insights, Secretary of the organization, Kailash Paliya, explained that the play aimed to depict the adverse effects of mobile phones in today's youth.*

*The storyline revolves around the impact of smartphones on the lives of Dinesh and his friends. As these youngsters enjoy the summer holidays with their old games and friendships, a new gadget enters their lives, becoming a constant companion. The play portrays how the smartphone entangles them, causing them to forget their old games, companions, and relationships. An educator intervenes, witnessing the changes in the children, and seeks a unique solution to this problem.*

*The play effectively conveys the message that while mobile phones have become a necessity in today's era, developing an addiction to them is not appropriate. Smartphones have evolved into companions that occupy a significant place in the pockets of people of all ages. However, this continuous focus on screens has led to the distancing of family members who, despite being in the same room, find themselves worlds apart. The play sheds light on these consequences and raises awareness about the negative impact of excessive screen time.*

*The presentation included performances by Vikas Jain, Surendra Saini, Dinesh Chaudhary, Vansh Pratap Singh Rathore, Raju Kumawat, Ankit Shah, Vibhuti Chaudhary, and Anurag Singh, with Garima Singh as the lead. The stage management, lighting, and guidance were skillfully handled by Harshit Vaishnav, Aminesh Acharya, Anurag Singh, and Gopal Acharya, respectively. The play, written by Anurag Singh Rathore and directed by Anurag Singh and Ravi Ojha, successfully conveyed its intended message to the audience.*

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