Maheshwari Women's Association Organizes "From Girl to Woman" and Business Skills Competitions

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14 Jun 24
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Maheshwari Women's Association Organizes "From Girl to Woman" and Business Skills Competitions

Bhilwara (Pankaj Porwal): Under the auspices of the Shri Nagar Maheshwari Sabha Bhilwara, the Nagar Maheshwari Women's Association organized the "From Girl to Woman" and Business Skills competitions as part of the Mahesh Navami festival celebrations. Women showcased their remarkable talents in these events. 

City President Dr. Suman Soni mentioned that the competition was held for women over 55 years of age. Participants demonstrated their skills through songs, poems, and short skits, narrating their achievements from childhood to the present. The Azad Nagar Women's Organization and Chandrashekhar Azad Nagar Women's Organization coordinated this competition. Veena Modi, Leela Rathi, and Premsudha Ajmera were in charge of the event. All participants took full advantage of the opportunity, showcasing their unique talents.

Secretary Sonal Maheshwari shared that the Business Skills competition also saw women displaying their exceptional talents and business acumen. The Nagar Maheshwari Women's Organization managed the event. Jatan Hingad and Vinita Toshniwal were the program managers, ensuring the competition's success.

Media in-charge Pankaj Porwal reported that Sushila Toshniwal secured the first place, Kiran Samdani the second, and Pushpa Ajmera the third in the "From Girl to Woman" competition. In the Business Skills competition, Renu Maheshwari took first place, Kalpana Maheshwari second, and Nisha Soni third. The event provided an excellent platform for women to enhance and showcase their business skills. Through such events, women are boosting their confidence and establishing their unique identities in society.

The program saw the presence of several members, including All India Organization Minister Mamta Modani, Veena Rathi, Shikha Baheti, Madhu Jaju, Gayatri Mundra, Veena Modi, Vimla Jhanwar, Geeta Mundra, and Hansa Samdani.


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