Collective Efforts Impossible Without Community Support: Mali

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21 Mar 24
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Collective Efforts Impossible Without Community Support: Mali

Bhilwara : A meeting of the Marriage Committee, organized under the vigilance of the Mali Community Development Service Institute, Pur, was held at the Hanumanji premises in Ghati to discuss the collective marriage convention held on March 11. The meeting was addressed by the chief guest of the convention and the Deputy Chairman of the Mali (Saini) Assembly, Gopal Lal Mali, who emphasized the significance of collective marriages. He highlighted how such events help eligible youth choose life partners without succumbing to dowry practices, unnecessary expenses, and ostentation. He also praised the support of the Bhama Shahs, stating that no task could be accomplished without their assistance.

The meeting was chaired by Bhairulal Mali, President of the Mali Community Development Service Institute, Pur. During the meeting, Ramesh Goyal, the treasurer of the collective marriage convention committee, presented the income and expenditure statement of the convention, which was unanimously approved by all committee members. The committee also honored all the Bhama Shahs who contributed to the convention, as well as the bride and groom participants, expressing gratitude for their support and distributing equal amounts to all couples. Subsequently, a farewell ceremony for Lord Ganesha was organized.

Present at the event were Totaram Sankhla, District President of the Mali (Saini) Employees' Association, Kanhaiyalal Buliwal, Secretary, Satyanarayan Dabla, District Minister of the Mali Assembly, Muralidhar Saini, Uday Lal Mali, Rameshwar Lal, Shankarlal Goyal, Nanuram Goyal, Ramsarup, Kailash Chandra, Bansilal, Kaluram, Prabhulal, Debi Lal, Bhawaniram, Kailash Chandra, Narayan Lal, Rajkumar, Lal Chand, Kailash, Jamna Lal, along with hundreds of women and men from the community.


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