Prime Minister Modi Commends Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla's Initiatives in the Concluding Session of the 17th Lok Sabha

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11 Feb 24
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Prime Minister Modi Commends Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla's Initiatives in the Concluding Session of the 17th Lok Sabha

In his address during the concluding session of the 17th Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed gratitude and appreciation for Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla's innovations and efforts. He acknowledged the historic decisions made during this parliamentary term, emphasizing the fulfillment of long-awaited actions. The Prime Minister commended the contributions of all members, especially expressing gratitude towards Speaker Om Birla for his balanced and impartial leadership.

PM Modi highlighted the significance of the 17th Lok Sabha, attributing it to the successful implementation of various initiatives focusing on improvement, performance, and transformation. He recognized the pivotal role played by Speaker Birla in introducing paperless proceedings and promoting the use of digital technology in the Parliament.

The Prime Minister extended appreciation for the removal of subsidized canteen facilities for MPs, addressing public concerns. He also acknowledged the efforts made in the construction of the new Parliament building, facilitating unanimous decisions among members. PM Modi praised the Lok Sabha Speaker for organizing nationwide debates and essay competitions, connecting students with parliamentary traditions, and opening the parliamentary library to the general public.

Reflecting on the achievements of the government over the past five years, PM Modi emphasized the removal of obsolete laws and the simplification of more than 60 laws to ease the lives of citizens. He highlighted the Jan Vishwas Yojana and Mediation Act, which contributed to resolving issues related to unnecessary litigation.

The Prime Minister expressed joy over the passage of the Women's Empowerment Salutation Act during the 17th Lok Sabha session, foreseeing increased representation of female members in the future. He also addressed issues like the triple talaq and lauded the efforts to bring in strong laws against paper leaks, emphasizing the importance of the National Research Foundation Act in making India a global research and innovation hub.

PM Modi touched upon various subjects, including the Transgender Community Rights Act, acknowledging the positive impact on the lives of transgender individuals. He underscored the commitment to social justice and commended the transgender community for becoming entrepreneurs and contributors to society.

Discussing the global acceptance of India's lifestyle, the Prime Minister emphasized the significance of the P20 Parliamentary Summit in strengthening India's position on the world stage. He concluded by invoking the spirit of 'Minimum Government, Maximum Governance,' urging for reduced government intervention to maximize the capabilities of citizens.

Looking ahead, PM Modi spoke about the collective commitment of every Indian to develop the nation by 2047, emphasizing the timeless journey of India's democracy. He called upon parliamentarians to uphold the democratic traditions and work towards leaving a better legacy for future generations.

As the 17th Lok Sabha concluded, the day was filled with emotions, with MPs transcending political differences to bid farewell and express hope for a reunion in the 18th Lok Sabha. Several parliamentarians suggested that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be honored with the Bharat Ratna for his outstanding efforts, especially for Bhagirathi initiatives and advocating for the celebration of International Yoga Day worldwide.

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