Rajasthan Appoints Senior IPS Officer Utkal Ranjan Sahu asDGP

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12 Feb 24
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 Rajasthan Appoints Senior IPS Officer Utkal Ranjan Sahu asDGP

*Dynamic Leadership: Utkal Ranjan Sahu Assumes Responsibility as Rajasthan's DGP*

Rajasthan's state government has issued orders to appoint senior IPS officer Utkal Ranjan Sahu as the permanent Director General of Police (DGP). Utkal Ranjan Sahu formally assumed the responsibilities of DGP on Sunday.

*Strategic Appointment: Transition from Acting DGP to Permanent Role*

Following the retirement of Umesh Mishra on December 30, Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma had initially appointed Sahu as the Acting DGP. Sahu is set to hold the position of DGP until February 10, 2026, demonstrating a forward-looking approach.

*Exceptional Track Record: Utkal Ranjan Sahu's Journey in the IPS*

A native of Odisha, Sahu, belonging to the IPS batch of 1988, has a distinguished career. Prior to becoming DGP, he has served as Additional Director General in crucial departments such as Home Guard, Intelligence, and Police Modernization.

*Vision for Crime Control and Women's Safety*

Sahu, in his new role, expressed his commitment to prioritizing crime control based on the government's outlined priorities. He emphasized a special focus on curbing crimes against women, gang-related offenses, and cybercrimes. His vision aligns with the state government's agenda to enhance law enforcement and public safety.

*Continued Focus on Priority Areas*

After taking charge, Sahu stated that this year, special attention would be given to crime prevention based on the priorities set by the state government. In addition to crime control, a dedicated effort will be made to tackle crimes against women, gang-related activities, and cybercrimes.

*Long-Standing Career: A Brief Overview*

With a career spanning over three decades, Utkal Ranjan Sahu has been a part of the Rajasthan Police since 2020 when he was promoted to the rank of DGP. His prior responsibilities included overseeing the Home Guard, Intelligence, and Police Modernization.

*Forward Momentum: Sahu's Promotion to DGP in June 2020*

Utkal Ranjan Sahu was promoted to the rank of DGP in June 2020, signifying his dedication and service to the police force. His promotion showcases his commitment to upholding law and order in the state.

*Strategic Approach: Tackling Modern Challenges*

Utkal Ranjan Sahu, as a senior IPS officer, has a proven track record in handling critical portfolios. As Rajasthan's DGP, he is expected to leverage his experience and strategic approach to address modern challenges in law enforcement.

*Looking Ahead: The Vision for Rajasthan Police*

Sahu's appointment comes at a crucial juncture for Rajasthan Police. His focus on crime control, especially in areas impacting women's safety and cybercrimes, aligns with the evolving landscape of law enforcement. The state looks to him for continued leadership and a strategic vision in maintaining public order and safety.

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