If Congress Was Voted, Kota Would've Become a PFI Fortress

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21 Apr 24
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Amit Shah Speaks in Kota:

If Congress Was Voted, Kota Would've Become a PFI Fortress

" If Congress Was Voted, Kota Would've Become a PFI Fortress"

Addressing a public gathering at CD Ground in Kota, Amit Shah stated that the people of Kota had chosen a Member of Parliament who operated special trains to transport children back home during the COVID-19 pandemic. He presented two options before the nation: Narendra Modi on one hand and Rahul Baba on the other. Rahul Baba has launched 20 times but has failed every time. Shah stated that if Congress had been voted in 2019, Kota would have become a fortress of PFI (Popular Front of India), but by voting for Modi, they cleared the area of PFI. Congress is an anti-development party. We have used the majority to eradicate poverty, ensure national security, and improve the economy, bringing it from 11th to 5th position. As long as there is a single BJP worker alive, we will not allow reservation to be abolished. These Congress party members are spreading lies. Narendra Modi will elevate the nation's economy to the third position globally. When even a pot of Rs 200 is bought, we think twice, so think carefully about who to entrust the nation's treasury with when voting.

"Defeat Birla and Send Him to Lok Sabha, We'll Make Kota-Bundi the Number One Constituency in the Country."

The Gehlot government did not allow E-KYC to progress for five years. The Bhajan Lal government advanced the E-RCP work within three months. It is Modi's guarantee to provide E-RCP water to every village and hamlet. Shah addressed a gathering in support of BJP candidate Om Birla in Kota on Saturday. Shah said, "Gehlotji has left all of Rajasthan to focus on winning his son. We talk about crossing 400 seats, and it hurts Congress's stomach. They are leaders of lies." He said, "BJP has also worked to get Kota sarees and Kota stone the Geotagging recognition worldwide." Rahul Baba used to say, "Don't remove Article 370, rivers of blood will flow." This is Modi's government; they can't even dare to throw stones.

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