Anger Among Villagers Over Damaging of Mother Goddess Statue in Barapal Khajuri

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22 Apr 24
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Anger Among Villagers Over Damaging of Mother Goddess Statue in Barapal Khajuri

Udaipur, Deep resentment has spread among the villagers of Khajuri and Barapal in Udaipur after some anti-social and religiously intolerant individuals vandalized the centuries-old statue of Mother Goddess established in a closed temple on the night of April 19, 2024. The statue was broken and thrown away from its original place, sparking widespread anger among the villagers and residents of nearby villages.

In response to this incident, villagers gathered and lodged a written report at the Govardhan Vilas Police Station in Udaipur on April 19, 2024. However, no arrests have been made in this matter to date, nor has any concrete action been taken. Consequently, on April 21, Sunday, hundreds of villagers from the surrounding villages, along with representatives of various organizations, gathered in Udaipur District Collector's office and submitted a memorandum demanding the arrest of the culprits within 48 hours. They also demanded immediate action against the rising incidents of theft and other criminal activities carried out by outsiders in the area, emphasizing the need for thorough investigation and imposition of restrictions on outsiders.

In light of this situation, Udaipur Rural MLA Phoolsingh Meena, Hindu Jagran Manch regional coordinator Ravikant Tripathi, and representatives from Barapal and Khajuri Gram Panchayats, including Kalulal, Lakshman, Naku, Teja, Hurji, Mangilal, Ramesh, Shivji, Vela Ji, Harish, Rakesh, Babulal, Mohan, Gautam, Laluram, Prakash, Rajesh Meena, Arun Katara, Kalulal, Soma, Babulal, Mawa, Prabhulal, Ramlal, Nathu Katara, Narayan, Sandeep, Ashish, Kantilal, Suresh, Mohan, and Unkar, along with Bajrang Sena, Garba and Ganpati Celebration Committees, and Sajjan Nagar Youth Association, along with hundreds of others, were present.

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