Jain Saints Centennial Celebration Event

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10 Feb 24
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Jain Saints Centennial Celebration Event

In the auspicious presence of Jainacharya Shri Devendra Muni, the Education and Medical Research Institute Trust in Udaipur will host a six-day event celebrating the centennial of Upadhyay Pushkar Muni M.S.A.'s Sanyam Shatabdi Shikhar Samaroh and Pushpavati Ji M.S.A.'s Birth Centennial. The grand celebration will take place at Devendra Dham on Bhuwana Road, starting from February 11th, and will witness the participation of families from all guru communities across the country.

The Executive Chairman of the Trust, former Mayor Rajni Dangi, stated that the event would feature eminent personalities such as Mahashraman Jinenndra Muni Ji M., Tapasvi Ratna Praveen Muni M.S.A., Advisor of Shraman Sangh Pujya Shri Dinesh Muni Ji M.S.A., Dr. Dweependra Muni M.S.A., Dr. Shri Pushpendra Muni M.S.A., Mahasati Kiran Prabhaji M.S.A., Sevaratna Stavira Mahasati Priyadarshana M.S.A., Vakta Mahasati Ratna Jyoti M.S.A., Mahasati Dr. Arpita Shriji, Mahasati Mokshadashri, Mahasati Dr. Vichakshanashri, Mahasati Shri Vanditashri, Mahasati Dr. Harsha Prabha, and Vidushi Mahasati Suman Prabha M.S.A.

The series of events will begin with the Ann Seva Day on February 7th, followed by the Jap Day on February 8th at Shri Tarak Guru Granthalaya. The third day on February 9th will witness the grand Gurupushkar Vandana and Logos Therapy. The fourth day on February 10th will host an evening of devotion dedicated to Guru Guruni at Devendra Dham. The fifth day on February 11th will mark the pinnacle of the celebration with the Shikhar Shatabdi Samaroh at Devendra Dham from 9:30 AM onwards.

On the concluding day, February 18th, a blood donation drive will be organized at Shri Tarak Jain Granthalaya. Additionally, ten books written by various gurus will be released during the celebrations.

Upadhyay Pushkar Muni, born Ambalal in Gurupushkar Nagar (Semtal), Udaipur, on October 17, 1910, was initiated into monkhood on June 12, 1924, in Jalor by Mahasthavir Pujya Tarachand M.S.A. He was a versatile scholar with profound knowledge in Vedic, Jain Agamic literature, philosophy, Nyaya, and Mimamsa. He traveled extensively, covering around 80,000 kilometers across various states, spreading the teachings of Jainism. His significant contributions to literature include 135 books on diverse subjects.

Mahasramani Pushpavati Ji M.S.A., born on November 18, 1924, in Udaipur, took Diksha at the age of 16 under challenging circumstances. She was the elder sister of Acharya Samrat Devendra Muni M.S.A. Known for her humility, sweetness, and impactful demeanor, she contributed to various publications and edited several books.

Both Upadhyay Pushkar Muni and Mahasramani Pushpavati Ji took Samadhi on April 3, 1993, and April 12, 2007, respectively. The celebration aims to honor their contributions to Jainism and spiritual wisdom.

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