Renowned Environmentalist Raman Kant Tyagi Addresses Water Conservation

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22 Apr 24
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Renowned Environmentalist Raman Kant Tyagi Addresses Water Conservation

Udaipur, - Rivers never forget their course, no matter the obstacles in their way. While their banks might change due to floods or human interference, rivers never forgive alteration of their natural flow. This sentiment was expressed by River Man of India and Chairman of the Indian Rivers Association, Raman Kant Tyagi, during a seminar organized by the Udaipur Water Forum at Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic.

Speaking at the symposium titled "The Role of Society in the Conservation of Surface and Groundwater Resources," held on the 129th birth anniversary of Vidya Bhavan's founder, Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta, Tyagi emphasized the formidable memory of rivers. He stressed that rivers never forget their past or their natural course. Any unscientific interference or exploitation of rivers is met with swift reprisal, often in the form of floods or other natural calamities.

Tyagi lamented the disappearance of many small rivers due to neglect and emphasized the need for communities, especially the youth, to rediscover and restore these water bodies. He also highlighted the efforts of the River Authority to develop the India River Observation Portal. This platform allows citizens to contribute information about their local rivers and access scientific and technical data related to rivers.

Western Sydney University researcher Susmina Gajurel, a resident of Nepal, presented her work on the Marwi Subjugation Plan in Udaipur's Bhinder-Hinta region, focusing on groundwater cooperatives. Gajurel advocated for the adoption of scientific management practices for groundwater resources, suggesting that this model could be replicated worldwide.

Addressing the symposium, Polytechnic Principal Dr. Anil Mehta criticized the current trend of treating rivers and lakes merely as channels for water flow or recreational spots. He argued that such an approach is not only unscientific but also environmentally unsustainable, leading to the degradation of these natural ecosystems.

Prof. Seema Jalan, Head of the Geography Department at Sukhadia University, emphasized the importance of preserving mountainous regions as vital geographical and environmental structures to maintain the stability of water flow and storage systems.

Dr. Bhagwati Ahir and Dr. Farzana highlighted the need for community participation in the conservation of water resources, echoing sentiments shared by scholars and students from Sukhadia University and Maharana Pratap Agriculture University who also participated in the event.

The program was coordinated by Dr. Yogita Dashora.

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