###Successful Surgery of a Newborn with Severe Illness at PIMS Hospital Udaipur

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24 Jun 24
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###Successful Surgery of a Newborn with Severe Illness at PIMS Hospital Udaipur

**Udaipur, – A newborn suffering from a severe condition was successfully operated on at the Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Umarda, providing the infant with a new lease on life. The newborn had a hole in the esophagus, causing significant breathing difficulties.

Pediatric surgeon Dr. Atul Mishra from PIMS Hospital Umarda reported that the family, residents of Sarada, brought the critically ill newborn to PIMS from another hospital. Upon assessing the newborn's delicate condition, immediate comprehensive tests were conducted, and the baby was placed on a ventilator. A CT scan revealed a hole in the baby's esophagus, which was affecting the right lung, causing it to collapse completely.

Given the clear diagnosis, saving the baby’s life was a formidable challenge. Considering the severity of the condition, a chest tube was initially inserted. However, this did not yield the expected results, leading to the decision to perform surgery amidst numerous risks and challenges. The chest surgery was successful, and the newborn's life was saved. Post-operation, the baby was kept under strict supervision in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and on a ventilator, where the condition steadily improved. As of today, the newborn is completely healthy and feeding well.

Union Chairman Ashish Agarwal stated that the entire treatment of the newborn, who was hospitalized for about a month, was provided free of charge under the Chiranjeevi Bhamaashah Yojana.

Dr. Mishra explained that such conditions in newborns often arise due to premature birth. They can be caused by oxygen deficiency at birth, CPR administered during critical conditions, and the insertion of feeding tubes, among other factors. However, timely and appropriate treatment can help save the lives of newborns suffering from such severe conditions. The entire process involved significant contributions from Dr. Mishra, pediatric specialist Dr. Ankit Panchal, and other key team members including Dr. Vivek Parashar, Dr. Rahul Khatri, anesthesiologists Dr. Kamlesh, Dr. Pinu, Dr. Hardika, Dr. Jyoti, and staff members Reshma, Deepak, Amit, Ashok, and Arun.

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