Partial Knee Replacement Now Available at Paras Health Hospital, Udaipur

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09 Jul 24
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Partial Knee Replacement Now Available at Paras Health Hospital, Udaipur

Udaipur - Paras Health Hospital, Udaipur, now offers partial knee replacement (also known as unicondylar knee replacement). Typically, knees have three compartments, and when any one of these compartments is damaged, doctors usually recommend total knee replacement surgery. However, in 90% of cases, only the medial compartment of the knee is damaged. Partial knee replacement involves replacing just the damaged compartment rather than the entire knee. 

Recently, Paras Hospital successfully performed a partial knee replacement surgery on a 47-year-old patient with a damaged knee compartment. Last month, the patient experienced knee pain, swelling, difficulty walking, and deformity. After consulting several doctors who advised total knee replacement surgery, the patient visited Paras Health Hospital in Udaipur.

Dr. Rahul Khanna, Senior Consultant of Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine at Paras Health Multispeciality Hospital, conducted a clinical evaluation and calculated the deformity angle using a scanogram. Considering the patient's age and condition, Dr. Khanna recommended partial knee replacement surgery. The operation was performed precisely, and the patient was able to walk and bend his knee on the same day of the surgery, experiencing immediate relief from long-standing pain.

Due to the uniqueness of this case, a press conference was held at the hospital where Dr. Rahul Khanna and his team shared the case study. Dr. Khanna emphasized, “In cases where only part of the knee is damaged, partial knee replacement should be prioritized. This procedure, also known as unicondylar knee replacement, offers several benefits, including less blood loss, anatomical correction, faster recovery, smaller incision, and self-rehabilitation. Ensuring anatomical correction is crucial for accurate physical alignment. Patients benefit from quick recovery and often can self-rehabilitate.”

This case exemplifies Paras Health Udaipur's commitment to providing advanced treatment facilities for severe illnesses and disorders. The hospital utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to treat patients and continues to set examples by showcasing such case studies and raising awareness.

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