Renaming of Maharana Pratap Garden in Rajasamand Remains on Paper

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18 Jan 24
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Renaming of Maharana Pratap Garden in Rajasamand Remains on Paper

Rajasamand The well-known J.K. Tyre Public Park in Rajasamand city was officially renamed as Maharana Pratap Garden about three months ago, but the impact of this change is currently confined to official documents only. Despite the change in name, the signage in and around the park still bears the old name, causing confusion among residents and visitors.

The responsibility for the maintenance of the garden near the Collectorate, where a statue of Maharana Pratap has been installed, was handed over to J.K. Tyre Company by the Municipal Council several years ago. However, neglect in its upkeep led the Municipal Council to terminate the contract with J.K. Tyre in September. The proposal to rename the park to Maharana Pratap Garden was discussed in a board meeting and officially implemented, but the physical signs and boards in the vicinity have not been updated to reflect the change.

It is noteworthy that the park, previously named J.K. Tyre Public Park about 20 years ago, has gone through various transitions in its management. The delay in updating the signs and boards with the new name has raised concerns among local authorities.

The installation of an equestrian statue in Maharana Pratap Garden is also eagerly awaited, with an estimated cost of around 30 lakh rupees. The unveiling of the statue was delayed due to the state assembly elections, and the locals are now anticipating its inauguration.

Furthermore, the Selfie Point near the Collectorate has been damaged and neglected, with the decorative elements like bells missing. The security measures for the Selfie Point are also inadequate, leading to instances of vandalism. The authorities are urged to install CCTV cameras for enhanced security and quick identification of those causing damage.

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