North Railway General Manager Directs Focus on Safety, Maintenance, and Passenger Amenities

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22 Feb 24
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North Railway General Manager Directs Focus on Safety, Maintenance, and Passenger Amenities

Shriganganagar: Shobhan Choudhury, the General Manager of North Railway, conducted a virtual meeting on Wednesday with department heads and Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) to review the progress of railway operations. Emphasizing that safety is the top priority for the Railway Protection, he urged for all possible efforts to ensure secure train operations. Proper maintenance of tracks, rolling stock, signaling, and electric overhead wires, among other equipment, was highlighted as essential for safe train operations.

Choudhury directed relevant departments to conduct regular training and refresher courses for employees to enhance their knowledge about the functioning of the system and to perform their duties with due diligence for error-free service. He stressed the importance of completing Railway Overhead Bridge (ROB) and Railway Under Bridge (RUB) projects on time to ensure safety for both railway and road users.

The General Manager also addressed the need for swift action by the Forest Department in granting approvals for tree-cutting wherever necessary, ensuring it does not pose a threat to tracks or overhead wires. He emphasized the installation of electrical protection on platforms for noise-free train operations and instructed a focus on security in relay and panel rooms.

Choudhury highlighted the significance of reducing human errors in train operations to minimize the risk of accidents. He directed all department heads and DRM to maintain efficient time management while adhering to loading plans to reduce delays in cargo loading.

Furthermore, he stressed stringent actions against individuals crossing railway lines unlawfully and violating Railway Act regulations. The North Railway is committed to providing its users with safe, convenient, and improved services.

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