Complete Goals Under 100-Day Action Plan within Specified Period, Officers Instructed

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23 Feb 24
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Complete Goals Under 100-Day Action Plan within Specified Period, Officers Instructed

Shriganganagar. In a district-level review meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner Vandan Singhvi on Friday at the District Collectorate Auditorium, directions were given to regional officers to achieve goals under the 100-day action plan within the specified time frame. Singhvi emphasized the importance of conducting regular public hearings from the district to the block level to ensure timely resolution of citizens' issues.

During the meeting, Singhvi also announced a cleanliness campaign in government offices from February 23 to March 3, 2024. He stressed the need for offices to maintain a clean and organized environment, akin to the Diwali cleaning standards, during the campaign. Regular inspections should be carried out to improve cleanliness arrangements. Singhvi highlighted that a clean workplace contributes to a better working atmosphere for employees.

The Divisional Commissioner further directed officers to conduct effective follow-ups on personnel-related matters through a campaign from February 25 to March 5, 2024. This includes resolving issues related to Deputy Commissioners, salaries, benefits, and other related tasks within the stipulated time.

Singhvi instructed all departments to conduct regular public hearings, ensuring officers make themselves available to the public for at least one hour as per the prescribed schedule. He also emphasized conducting sensitive hearings from remote areas with empathy. In cases where work may not be feasible, officers should politely explain the situation to the complainant. 

The Commissioner urged officers to identify problems and find solutions collaboratively, working towards more efficient and transparent systems. He also encouraged officers to inform their higher-ups about innovations in their respective departments for future considerations.

Singhvi emphasized the importance of timely compliance with the directives issued and called for strict adherence to the guidelines provided in the meeting. He underscored the need for officers to ensure the benefits of all government schemes reach the last person and encouraged the use of e-filing for more streamlined processes.

He also directed officials to conduct a follow-up camp under the 'Vikasit Bharat Sankalp Yatra' to provide benefits of government welfare schemes to the underprivileged. Lastly, he instructed officials at the district, block, and village levels to inspect the offices thoroughly and submit compliance reports based on the prescribed format.

The meeting was attended by various officials, including Gaurav Yadav, District Police Chief, Mridul Singh, CEO of the District Council, Arvind Kumar Jakhad, ADM Administration, Harisingh Meena, ADM Security, Kailashchandra Sharma, Secretary of the Municipal Corporation, Yashpal Ahuja, Municipal Commissioner, Satnam Singh, ASP, and others.

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