###Three-Day International Kudo Training Camp Concludes in Udaipur

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09 Jul 24
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###Three-Day International Kudo Training Camp Concludes in Udaipur

Udaipur, The three-day international Kudo training camp, hosted by the Kudo International Federation of India and Kudo Rajasthan under the guidance of S.R.A.M.M.A., concluded today at Rajasthan's first international standard fighting ring, Sensai Combat Arena. The closing ceremony featured a traditional "Arigato Gozaimas" and "Banzai" cheer, under the main patronage of India's chief Kudo coach, Hanshi Mehul Vora (8th Degree Black Belt), and presided over by the internationally honored martial arts trainer, Shihan Rajkumar Menaria, recipient of the President's Award.

Distinguished guests included the director of Zee Mount Litra School, Arun Mandot, and Harish Chundawat, senior officer of the Anti-Corruption Department, Udaipur, along with Renshi Wispi Kharadi, secretary of Kudo India and a 13-time Greeniz Book of World Records holder.

The camp's director and international player, Renshi Vipash Menaria, reported that over 100 selected Kudo players from more than 40 schools and five universities participated in the full training sessions. In total, over 4000 individuals, including both men and women, attended various seminar sessions on the utility and basic practices of Kudo martial arts for self-defense.

Menaria explained that the intensive training included Ippon, Nihon, and Sanbon Kumite (fighting) drills, with a focus on ground fighting techniques such as Sankaku-Jime, Hijikatame, and Full Guard to Full Mount transitions, among others. The participants also practiced and mastered defensive and offensive techniques from a variety of martial arts, including Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the Israeli military art Krav Maga.

The main guest instructor, Sensei Teraguchi Norihide, illuminated the participants on championship fighting techniques, highlighting essential precautions and common mistakes. During the award ceremony, certificates were presented to the camp participants by Sensei Norihide, Hanshi Mehul Vora, Shihan Rajkumar Menaria, Renshi Wispi Kharadi, and the guest of honor, Arun Mandot.

Hanshi Mehul Vora emphasized the camp's objective to elevate the players' skills to an international level and expressed hope that the training would have a positive impact on the upcoming national and international competitions in November. Arun Mandot praised Shihan Rajkumar Menaria's efforts and expressed intentions to integrate Kudo into the school curriculum. Harish Chundawat commended the S.R.A.M.M.A. organization for its exceptional contribution to martial arts training in India.

In closing, Wispi Kharadi encouraged the athletes to maintain a balanced diet alongside their rigorous training to avoid any negative health impacts and congratulated everyone on the successful seminar. Shihan Rajkumar Menaria extended his gratitude to all participants, parents, and guests for their support throughout the camp.

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