Rajasthan Spice Association Organizes Regional Business Meet in Kota

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09 Feb 24
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Rajasthan Spice Association Organizes Regional Business Meet in Kota

Kota,  The Rajasthan Association of Spices is hosting a two-day Regional Business Meet on February 10th and 11th in Kota at Hotel Mukundra Sarovar Premier, located on Jhalawar Road Jagpura. The program will commence at 4 PM on February 10th. Association President Shyam Jaju and Secretary Mahavir Gupta shared in a press conference that around 500 traders, farmers, and businessmen from across the country and abroad will participate in the business meet. Discussions will focus on the production, marketing, export, and market outlook of Rajasthan's seed spices.

Satellite Survey for Farmers

They revealed that the association is actively engaged in scientific efforts at the local level to maximize benefits for farmers involved in spice cultivation. The association has conducted a satellite survey of Rajasthan's fields, the results of which will be presented during the seminar.

Guidance from Commodity Experts

President Shyam Jaju and Secretary Mahavir Gupta mentioned that renowned commodity experts from India have been invited to the seminar to provide guidance to farmers, traders, and merchants. The commodity experts will elaborate on various aspects such as the demand for Rajasthan's spices in other states and countries, quality production, marketing, and more.

Participation of Famous Spice Companies

Well-known spice companies such as Aachi Masala, Shakti Masala, and Swastik Masala will also be represented at the seminar. Representatives of these companies will discuss production according to the demand of spices from farmers, market demands, and more.

High Demand for Rajasthan's Spices Nationally and Internationally

President Shyam Jaju and Secretary Mahavir Gupta highlighted that due to Rajasthan's climate, there is a significant demand for the aroma and variety in spice cultivation. Since its establishment in November 2022, the Rajasthan Association of Spices has not only gained recognition domestically but has also established a unique identity for Rajasthan's spices in foreign markets. The association actively promotes trade, processing, marketing, and export of cumin, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, mustard, and fenugreek leaves. The association has established direct contact with spice companies to boost production. Last year, in 2023, a Global Business Meet was organized in Jaipur, where major spice companies from India and abroad participated, focusing on detailed discussions on the production and marketing of cumin, coriander, fenugreek, fennel, Kasuri methi, and mustard."

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