### Bhojpuri Film "Ek Lota Pani" Completes Shooting

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08 Jul 24
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### Bhojpuri Film "Ek Lota Pani" Completes Shooting

Mumbai,  Imagine waking up one day to find that the Earth has run out of water. How would humanity survive? This gripping premise forms the heart of the Bhojpuri film "Ek Lota Pani," which has just wrapped up its shoot in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, after an intense 20-day schedule.

Director Chandan Singh weaves a compelling family drama that resonates deeply with audiences. "Ek Lota Pani" portrays a village, a family, and a community, reflecting the realities of life through a rich tapestry of love, respect, sacrifice, and dedication. The film aims to offer a refreshing departure from the typical melodramatic themes of the current era, focusing instead on genuine societal harmony and affection.

Finding the perfect cast was a meticulous process for Chandan Singh. The search for the lead actor was extensive, involving numerous look tests until Aditya Ojha was finally chosen. According to Singh, Ojha's ability to embody the character convincingly made him the ideal choice. Similarly, the hunt for the perfect actress led to the discovery of newcomer Muskaan Saini, whose expressive face and natural demeanor perfectly matched the film's requirements.

"Ek Lota Pani" features an ensemble cast that includes renowned veteran actors like Vinod Mishra, Krish Kumar, Neha Jajoo, Bina Pandey, Prakash Jais, Ram Sujan Singh, Subodh Seth, Neha Singh, Vibha Singh, Divya Sharma, Sahab Lal Dhari, and Krishna Kumar Soni.

Produced by Chandan Singh and Mukesh Kumar, this film boasts a talented crew with Sahil J Ansari handling cinematography, Gaurav on makeup, Vidya Vishnu in charge of costumes, and choreography by Kanu Mukherjee. The action sequences are directed by Dilip Yadav, while Munna Dubey has composed the film's music. Vijay Maurya serves as the executive producer. 

As the film transitions into post-production in Mumbai, excitement builds for its theatrical release. The promotional campaign, spearheaded by Sanjay Bhushan Patiala, promises to highlight the film’s unique storyline and its strong message about societal values and environmental awareness. "Ek Lota Pani" is not just a film; it’s a reflection of what our future could hold and a call to action for a more harmonious and sustainable world.

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