# ### First Ever Internship Program for Sanskrit Students in Udaipur

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11 Jun 24
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# ### First Ever Internship Program for Sanskrit Students in Udaipur

**Skill Development Program for Sanskrit Students Launched Nationwide from the City of Lakes**
- Internship Program for Sanskrit Students Launched for the First Time -
- Agreement Signed Between Dharoher Institute and Central Sanskrit University -
- 42-Day Internship Program Announced -

**Udaipur** – A new skill development program is set to begin for the students of Central Sanskrit University. An agreement (MoU) for this annual skill development program was signed on Tuesday. The MoU was signed by Sanjay Singhal, the founder of Dharoher Institute, and Dr. Srinivas Warkhedi, the Vice-Chancellor of Central Sanskrit University. This program will run for 42 days.

Sanjay Singhal mentioned that through this internship program, students will learn about the collection of ancient manuscripts, gaining knowledge and understanding of the subject. This program will help shape their future life skills, which will be highly beneficial. He explained that during this 42-day internship program, 25 students from various branches of Central Sanskrit University will learn the process of collecting ancient manuscripts carried out by Dharoher Institute. They will also have the opportunity to develop skills useful in daily life. Singhal added that Dharoher will organize an internship program for the students of this institution every year. The project's goal is to create digital copies of 2.5 million manuscripts, organize the pages correctly, and catalog them over the next 20 years.

**Dharoher Institute's Social Commitment:**
Dharoher Institute is supported by Secure Meters and aims to build a society of lifelong learners. The institute's team works with the belief that contributing to society helps us learn and grow. There is no age barrier to learning anything.

Dharoher has three primary work areas, one of which is the 1 Million Trees Program. This includes developing forest areas and maintaining public gardens in Udaipur, with the goal of planting 1 million trees in collaboration with various individuals and organizations.

Located on the Pratapnagar-Sukher main road in Udaipur, Third Space is a social hub offering resources and opportunities for various activities. It provides a platform for people to explore ideas, create interesting things, and meet fascinating individuals. People can participate in numerous engaging activities such as wall climbing, adventure sports, library access, and maker labs by purchasing a day ticket or membership. Regular workshops are held on various topics like pottery, furniture making, and sewing. Additionally, facilities like co-working spaces, conference halls, and birthday party venues are available.

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