Udaipur Youths Initiate Awareness Campaign

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10 Jun 24
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Film on the Inner Struggle with Demonology, Drugs, and Depression Released

Udaipur Youths Initiate Awareness Campaign

**Udaipur,The youth of Udaipur have released a short film addressing the internal battle with demonology, drugs, and depression.

Producer Mukul Khandia explained that the story revolves around a girl named Akanksha, who is grappling with internal struggles. She battles with herself, faces hardships, resorts to drug use, and harbors a fear that the world is against her. Her attitude and jealousy consume her. She is allowed to predict outcomes and make decisions prematurely. She begins to envy others' beauty and happiness, leading to self-harm. She imagines and aligns reality and fantasy to harm an assumed rival (a random, imaginary girl). In the end, it is revealed that she was overtaken and lost to an external force connected to demonology.

**Meet the Young Production Team:**
The film's producer and writer are Mukul Khandia, with screenplay writers Arshad Qureshi and Mukul Khandia. The main roles are played by Krishna Sharma, Karan Singh Rajpurohit, Riya Nagdev, Umang Soni, Divyansh Dabi, Harsh Dubey, Pranay Pandya, Satish Khokhar, Pramod Raigar, and Kailash Jangid. The project was supported by Ad Astra Production House and Natyansh Society of Dramatic and Performing Arts. The short film, created by Enigma Films, has been well-received by the audience.

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