Symposium on Land and Environmental Improvement Organized

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07 Jun 24
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Symposium on Land and Environmental Improvement Organized

Udaipur: In celebration of International Environment Day, a symposium on land and environmental improvement was organized at the Environmental Department of Sukhadia University. This event was part of the Environment Awareness Week conducted jointly by Shantipeeth Institute, Molasu University, JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, and BN University. 

The symposium was chaired by Shantipeeth founder Anant Ganesh Trivedi, with Prof. Atul Tyagi, Associate Dean of the College of Science, serving as the chief guest. Dr. Seema Sharma, Assistant Professor from the Department of Earth and Environment at Kachchh University, Gujarat, was the keynote speaker. Distinguished guests included Prof. Hemant Dwivedi, Dean of the College of Social and Humanities, and Dr. Devendra Singh Rathore, Head of the Environmental Department. Anuya Verma, the symposium coordinator, highlighted that the theme "Save Udaipur - Save the Earth" was discussed extensively by land and environmental scientists, educators, and representatives from aware institutions of Udaipur, resulting in a comprehensive action plan to address Udaipur's environmental issues.

Dr. D.S. Rathore discussed the adverse effects of excessive use of CFC gases from air conditioners and pesticides in agriculture on soil fertility. He emphasized the need for modern scientific research to address Udaipur's environmental challenges and called for public participation in environmental improvement efforts.

Prof. Hemant Dwivedi commented on current environmental conditions, expressing serious concerns about food adulteration in South Asia and stressing the need for environmental protection as a life purpose. He urged everyone to plant and name a tree, fostering a personal connection to nature.

Prof. Atul Tyagi emphasized the importance of understanding the limits of resource use and avoiding overconsumption. He highlighted the dual responsibility of educators to promote resource conservation and tree care.

Dr. Seema Sharma presented a PPT on the causes and effects of desertification in the famous Banni grass region of the White Desert in Kachchh, Gujarat. In his presidential address, Anant Ganesh Trivedi called for the academic community to take a leading role in addressing future environmental problems today. He advocated for combining spirituality and science to find solutions to human tragedies.

Social worker Dr. Jinendra Shastri emphasized that environmental protection is only possible through widespread public participation and expressed concern over the cultural and natural heritage of Mewar being under threat. The event also saw contributions from former geologist Prof. P.R. Vyas, Dr. Jay Shri Singh and Dr. Kamal Singh Rathore of BN University, Rajkumar Menaria, Advocate Bharat Kumawat, and Lokesh Chaudhary. Dr. Sonika Jain conducted the program.


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