Lecture on Spiritual Topics at Peetambara Ashram

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31 Jan 24
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Lecture on Spiritual Topics at Peetambara Ashram

Renowned mind trainer, life coach, and hypnotherapist Bhupesh Pathak delivered a discourse at Peetambara Ashram on Wednesday. He conducted a session on the practice of simple kriya yoga and the development of holistic energy capabilities.

In the lecture, Bhupesh Pathak elaborated on the direct experiences of self-energy, the wonderful experiments for attaining inner peace, divine methods for developing mind power, and understanding the secrets of the cosmic strength. He highlighted various hidden principles and their practical applications in spiritual topics.

Bhupesh Pathak emphasized that ancient sages revealed the essence of all Sanatan principles and life practices based on the foundation of ultimate science. By aligning oneself with these principles, one can traverse from the individual to the cosmic realm.

Discussing the control of breath to enhance mental power, longevity, fulfillment of resolutions, and the development of transformative abilities, Bhupesh Pathak guided the practitioners on incorporating these practices into their daily lives. He demonstrated the practical use of breathing techniques, including inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

He explained that focusing on breath control not only aids in mental and physical purity but also creates a profound, positive environment, capable of benefiting individuals and society at large.

**Interactive Q&A Session**

Following the discourse, an interactive Q&A session took place where Bhupesh Pathak addressed various queries and provided solutions. He encouraged the participants to incorporate controlled breathing into their daily routines for personal and environmental well-being.

**Acknowledgment by Peetambara Ashram**

The Peetambara Ashram extended gratitude to Bhupesh Pathak for his inspiring address. Architect Chandrashekhar Joshi welcomed him on behalf of the ashram's practitioners. Vinod Shukla, Secretary of Gayatri Mandal, Pundit Vinay Bhatt, President of Peetambara Ashram, Bhanwar Garg, Coordinator of Literary Council, Dilip Adhikari, Program Coordinator Manoj Narhari Bhatt, and Ajay Vaishnav expressed appreciation for the knowledge and divine experiences shared by Bhupesh Pathak, resolving to incorporate yogic and breathing balance into their lives.


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