Recognizing Excellence: Evaluating Decisions of Subordinate Revenue Courts in Rajasthan

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05 May 24
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Recognizing Excellence: Evaluating Decisions of Subordinate Revenue Courts in Rajasthan

The Revenue Department of Rajasthan has initiated a commendable step towards evaluating the qualitative aspects of the decisions issued by various subordinate revenue courts in the state. The primary objective behind this innovative measure is to encourage excellence, ensuring that the decisions rendered by these courts are of high quality, legally sound, and in accordance with established procedures. As per the guidance of Mr. Rajeshwar Singh, Chairman of the Revenue Board, the best decision passed by these courts during the period from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024, will be honored.

A committee will be formed to conduct an unbiased evaluation of the decisions to determine the one deserving of recognition. The selected decision will be awarded at the state, divisional, and district levels, fostering a culture of excellence and competence within the revenue administration. Moreover, to promote transparency and accountability, the chosen decisions will be published in the Revenue Board's annual report, showcasing exemplary judicial practices.

Active participation from the officials serving in the subordinate revenue courts is anticipated in this evaluation process, emphasizing their role in upholding the highest standards of decision-making. Additionally, a committee has been constituted to facilitate the assessment of these decisions and to ensure that deserving officers are duly acknowledged and honored.

This initiative aims to not only recognize outstanding judicial decisions but also to inspire continuous improvement and adherence to legal principles among revenue court officials across Rajasthan.

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