Alumni Meet Held at Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic

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12 May 24
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Alumni Meet Held at Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic

Udaipur,  Fifty years after completing their education, former students reunite at Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic, reminiscing with their former teachers, leading to an emotional reunion.

Graduates who have succeeded in various fields, including private businesses and high-ranking positions in government and non-governmental organizations, came together after years to meet their former classmates. Upon meeting their former teachers, the atmosphere turned emotional, resembling a classroom once again, with questions, counseling, and gentle scolding resuming.

During the gathering, students were seated in rows, with those who used to sit in the front row now standing before their teachers. Each student's name and moments spent in classes were remembered by the teachers.

In those moments, the student who used to sit at the back of the class, Sundar Lal Jain, proudly announced to the teacher, "Sir, I retired as the Chief Engineer from Central PDB, Government of India." Teacher Anil Kumar Godha applauded him warmly. Subsequently, each student began sharing their life achievements and successes, with Teacher Godha embracing them one by one.

Witnessing this scene at the Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic alumni meet stirred emotions among all present.

The alumni association of the Polytechnic organized this event specially inviting students who completed their engineering diploma fifty and twenty-five years ago. Those who completed their diploma twenty-five years ago showcased the classrooms and labs where they received their engineering education to their family members.

Chief guests included Dr. Jitendra Tayalia, President of the Vidya Bhavan Society, Vice President Hansraj Chaudhary, Director Dr. Anurag Priyadarshi, Principal Dr. Anil Mehta, President of the Alumni Association and Officer of the Pollution Control Board Navin Vyas, Vice President Jay Prakash Shrimali, who shared the pride and legacy of the institution with the former students, urging them to stay connected with the institution. The Secretary of the Alumni Association, Bhuvan Ameta, presented the annual report of the association.

The program was conducted by Radha Kishan Menaria and Darshana Sharma.

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