Geetanjali Hospital: Successful Treatment of Severe Anemia"

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15 May 24
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Geetanjali Hospital: Successful Treatment of Severe Anemia"

The Geetanjali Medical College Hospital in Udaipur is equipped with all medical facilities and provides comprehensive treatment and surgeries to patients. The relentless efforts of Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Dr. Dhaval Vyas, and Dr. Manish Dodmani from the Gastroenterology Department at Geetanjali Hospital helped restore the health of a 20-year-old patient.

Here are the details:

Dr. Pankaj mentioned that the patient was brought to Geetanjali Hospital in an extremely critical condition, with difficulty breathing, inability to walk, and a severely pale body. His hemoglobin level was just 1.5 grams. He was immediately admitted to the ICU. Even after blood transfusions six months ago, the patient still had a severe deficiency of blood. Upon arrival at Geetanjali Hospital, the patient underwent further blood transfusion. It was discovered that the patient had a heavy infestation of worms, which were feeding on his blood. The patient was immediately started on treatment, and deworming medication was administered continuously for 15 days. On the third day, the patient was shifted from the ICU to the ward.

The patient's father mentioned that his son had been struggling with blood deficiency for many years and had repeatedly required blood transfusions. However, it was only after coming to Geetanjali Hospital and being examined by Dr. Pankaj Gupta, a gastroenterologist, that the presence of worms was detected.

Dr. Pankaj also explained that these worms can occur at any age, especially among farmers or individuals who work in wet soil. These worms enter the bloodstream through the skin and then migrate to the lungs and intestines. For this reason, government deworming programs are implemented, providing deworming medication at regular intervals.

Key message:

If anyone, especially farmers or individuals working in wet soil, experiences symptoms such as paleness, difficulty breathing, or rapid heartbeat due to blood deficiency, they should immediately go to the hospital for timely treatment.

Geetanjali Hospital is equipped with advanced techniques and resources related to Gastroenterology and GI Surgery, available in the Endoscopy Unit, which continuously addresses complex medical problems.

Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital has been providing world-class services under one roof for the past 17 years and has established a reputation in the medical field. The doctors and staff at Geetanjali Hospital are always ready to provide dedicated treatment to every patient who comes to Geetanjali Hospital.

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