K.K. Gupta Elected Unopposed as President for the Eighth Consecutive Term in DCC

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01 Apr 24
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K.K. Gupta Elected Unopposed as President for the Eighth Consecutive Term in DCC

In the biennial elections of the Dungarpur Chamber of Commerce, K.K. Gupta has been elected unopposed as president for the eighth consecutive term. The announcement of Gupta's election was made by election officer Mahesh K. Garg.

A large number of representatives from the business community participated in the elections held on Sunday at the largest commercial organization in Dungarpur, the Chamber of Commerce. Expressing their confidence in K.K. Gupta's leadership once again, the businessmen unanimously elected him as president for the eighth consecutive term, setting a remarkable precedent.

On this occasion, former president Rameshchandra Jain, Pawan Doshi, Prabhulal Patel, Roshan Doshi, Puranmal Davda, Subodh Jain, Dungar Lal Patel, Sushil Jain Aspur, Pradeep Bhoota Sagwada, along with Madan Singh, Ketan Shah, Roni Mehta, Harshvardhan Singh, Pankaj Jain, Ishwarlal Bhatt, Naginlal Jain, Anil Patel, Dilip Nagda, Chirag Vyas, Mukesh Shrimaal, Ramesh Labana, Ramesh Variyani, Gaurav Yadav, Neerav Kotadiya, and businessmen from all over the district were present. They unanimously supported Gupta's nomination proposal in front of election officer Mahesh K. Garg and elected Gupta unopposed.

Addressing the gathered businessmen from across the district, newly elected president K.K. Gupta infused enthusiasm and energy with his spirited speech, urging everyone to work towards change and stay organized. He emphasized that determining the status and direction of any district lies in the hands of its businessmen. The significant progress and development of Dungarpur owe much to the contribution of its businessmen.

Gupta expressed gratitude to the businessmen of Dungarpur district for their trust and support over the past two and a half decades and stated that he became president through the strength of the businessmen and has given a new identity to Dungarpur in the country and the world. Dungarpur's name has resonated on the national and international stage in the field of cleanliness. He commended everyone for their unprecedented efforts, which have made Dungarpur a topic of discussion worldwide. Gupta mentioned the praise received from the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and Home Minister, Amit Shah, for the exemplary work done.

Gupta's statement in the chamber elections has become a subject of discussion in political circles. He took a jibe at politicians, saying that some leaders don't like him because he wants to work. He mentioned that when he went to start a business in Udaipur, he was full of enthusiasm and passion, but some people collectively said that anyone can come here except Gupta. He said that these people fear that his strength will lead to the closure of their shops.

Gupta emphasized his desire to bring about change and work for development but acknowledged that some people don't like it. He stated that if his work speaks, there will be opposition, and the more opposition he faces, the stronger he will become.

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