#### Maharana Pratap: A World-Renowned Icon, Source of Inspiration for Youth

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10 Jun 24
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#### Maharana Pratap: A World-Renowned Icon, Source of Inspiration for Youth

On the 484th birth anniversary of the valiant Maharana Pratap, a floral tribute and a discussion on his globally revered persona were organized. The event's chief guest was Babita Sharma, an emerging author who made her literary debut with the book "Saanjh Ke Saanidhya Mein." The session was presided over by Suresh Sharma, a locomotive pilot and singer, with Nandkishore Sharma “Anmol” as the special guest. The program was conducted by Dr. Shashi Jain.

On this occasion, author Babita Sharma recited a piece by senior litterateur Brijendra Singh Jhala "Pukhraj," stating, "Blood flowed through his veins, igniting a spark in his breath. His extraordinary strength in his arms radiated light through his every nerve. The holy soil of Haldighati burned with the flames of that fire, forever remembering the place where Pratap rode on his horse, Chetak."

Presiding over the event, Suresh Sharma remarked, “The mention of Maharana Pratap immediately brings to mind his loyal servants, the horse Chetak and the elephant Ramprasad. It is rare to find such examples of loyalty among mute creatures in the annals of world history. Chetak and Ramprasad risked their lives to protect Maharana Pratap from enemy attacks, immortalizing their names globally.”

Dr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Divisional Library President, stated, “In today’s era, individuals face various challenges at every step. While dealing with these challenges, many paths appear before us. The history of Mewar, from Bappa Rawal to the present, teaches us to face these situations with self-respect. When we or our friends recount the greatness of our country, society, and individuals, it fills our hearts with pride, especially when even our adversaries acknowledge it.”

Dr. Shashi Jain emphasized that Maharana Pratap faced challenges of his time by uniting people from all walks of life. Success is possible when one works earnestly and wholeheartedly. She urged the youth to draw inspiration from such personalities, mentioning that many examples around us can guide us on the right path. She noted that every corner of India offers sources of inspiration.

The event also saw enthusiastic participation and speeches from young individuals like Manish Sen, Lalit Meena, Astha Gupta, Monika Meena, Jeetu Meena, Kuldeep Sen, Tanvi, Aditya, Madhu Mandal, Lokesh Sharma, Vinay Singh Rathore, Shyama, Anamika, Anju, Yas, Sunita, Anurag, Lakhan Meena, Akshay Nagar, Asha, Gaurav, Anwar Ahmed, Sanjay Patel, Arun, Vishal Kushwaha, Ajay Singh, and Karishma.

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