Martyrs' Day: Commemoration and Homage in Kota

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30 Jan 24
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Martyrs' Day: Commemoration and Homage in Kota

Kota:* On the occasion of Martyrs' Day, the Public Library Society in Kota organized a special minute-to-minute program, where readers paid homage, offered floral tributes, and expressed condolences silently. From 10:30 AM, all readers gathered in the hall to pay their respects. Until 10:40 AM, a tribute of flowers was offered to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi for 10 minutes. Following this, from 10:40 AM to 11:00 AM, a grand musical rendition of Ramdhuni and Mahatma Gandhi's favorite hymns played for 2 minutes. On this occasion, readers expressed their grief with each other through the medium of the favorite hymns, creating a collective and cultural experience.

Visually impaired reader Arpit Jain presented a remarkable performance showcasing 'Vaishnav Jan To Tene' and synthesizer. Senior reader Bigul Kumar Jain recited a self-composed poem, reflecting his local recognition in the field of art and literature.

Dr. Deepak Kumar Shrivastav highlighted, "Martyrs' Day is a day that connects us with the spirit of patriotism and dedication in the memory of those great souls. On this day, we honor and remember those bravehearts who sacrificed their lives for the security and freedom of our country."

At 11:00 AM, readers maintained a silent posture in a vigilant pose for 2 minutes. The Martyrs' Day program concluded at 11:02 AM, followed by the exhibition 'Gandhiana,' a permanent display of Mahatma Gandhi's literature. This commemoration event illustrated that the spirit of sacrifice for martyrs is alive in our society, inspiring us towards dedication and a sense of social duty. It reminds us to maintain gratitude and respect for our martyrs.

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