Education Minister Madan Dilawar's Public Hearing in Suket: Follow-Up on Complaints

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08 Jun 24
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By K.D. Abbasi

Education Minister Madan Dilawar's Public Hearing in Suket: Follow-Up on Complaints

Kota- Education Minister Madan Dilawar announced that a list of complaints from previous public hearings, reported as resolved by various departments, will be compiled. Letters will be sent to the complainants to verify if their issues were genuinely addressed. If complainants indicate that their problems remain unresolved, action will be taken against the officials who provided false resolution reports.

During a public hearing camp in Suket, Ramganjmandi Subdivision, on Saturday, Minister Dilawar reviewed the status of complaints from previous hearings. He demanded compliance reports on the resolution of these complaints from all departments and specifically inquired about the complaints from the previous hearing in Satalkhedi.

In Suket, complainants met the Education Minister individually to voice their grievances. On-the-spot resolutions were sought from relevant department officials. For complaints about long-pending minor issues, Dilawar directed the Sub-Divisional Officer of Ramganjmandi to investigate.

Dilawar praised PHED Executive Engineer Ankit Saraswat for resolving most water-related complaints from the last hearing in Satalkhedi. He instructed all officials to avoid excuses and promptly address feasible issues. He emphasized listening to people's grievances and making every effort to resolve their problems.

Relief for 85-Year-Old Manni Bai
Manni Bai, an 85-year-old resident of Suket, attended the public hearing with her son Hazarilal. She explained that their home and others, where they have lived for 50 years, are now within the high school premises, and they face eviction. Minister Dilawar assured her that no one would be made homeless and directed the Sub-Divisional Officer of Ramganjmandi to find a suitable solution.

Kaushalya's Home to be Reconnected with Electricity
Kaushalya, living behind Suket Panchayat Samiti, informed the Minister that she couldn't afford the Rs. 20,000 due from the previous homeowner, resulting in her home being without electricity for seven years. Dilawar directed the electricity engineer to reconnect her electricity supply upon a one-time payment of Rs. 5,000, with the remaining amount to be waived.

Sports Fields in All Schools
Responding to complaints about the lack of sports fields in schools, Minister Dilawar instructed sub-division officials and BDOs to allocate land for sports fields in schools without one. He ordered a survey to identify such schools and ensure land is allocated for sports fields.

In the hearing, 46-year-old Niranjan, son of Bhau Lal, requested inclusion in the Food Security Scheme. Dilawar instructed food department officials to prepare his application for inclusion. Other issues like electricity and water connections, removing encroachments, adding names to the Food Security Scheme, issuing land leases, moving electric wires, and replacing transformers were addressed on the spot.


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