Inner Wheel Club's Manthan Begins in Kota

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04 Jul 24
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Inner Wheel Club's Manthan Begins in Kota

Kota: The Inner Wheel District Assembly "Manthan" is being organized at the Kota Club of District 305. Mrs. Swati Gupta from the club has been selected as the District Chairman of District-305, and Mrs. Sunita Jain, the Association President, was the chief guest at the district assembly for her installation. 

Before the event, Mrs. Sunita Jain spoke to reporters, emphasizing that this year's focus will be on cervical cancer awareness, literacy mission programs for the elderly, women's empowerment, and health. She mentioned that the Inner Wheel District Assembly Manthan commenced at the Jagpura Mukundra Premier Resort in Kota today. 

The Inner Wheel Club is one of the largest international organizations for voluntary social service by women, operating in 105 countries. In India, it spans 27 districts with 1200 clubs and over 40,000 members. Globally, it has more than 125,000 members. 

District 305 is the oldest in India, with the first IWC established in Ahmedabad, which is a pride of our district. The district boasts 58 clubs with 2199 members. The Inner Wheel Kota has been engaged in continuous service for 56 years. It is a matter of great pride that Mrs. Swati Gupta from our club is the District Chairman of District 305. 

Former District Chairpersons from our club include Mrs. Pushpa Gupta and Mrs. Anita Garg. For the 2024-25 session, Mrs. Charu Jain has been unanimously appointed as President, and Dr. Neeta Jain as Secretary of the Inner Wheel Club Kota. 

The International President for 2024-25, Mrs. Mamta Gupta, is also from India, along with five other significant positions held by Indian women. The theme "Heartbeat of Humanity" has been given by our International President, Mrs. Mamta Gupta. The Association President, Mrs. Sunita Jain from IWC Gwalior, has set the goal to "Celebrate". Our club will work on the international theme "Heartbeat of Humanity" as well.

Our permanent projects include organizing free interfaith mass marriage conferences, distributing baby kits in hospitals, and training new mothers on diet and childcare. We will also maintain the water coolers operated by the Inner Wheel Club Kota at the railway station, Nayapura, and Medical College, as well as the Inner Wheel Garden. These service activities align with our theme and goals, and additional projects will be undertaken as needed. 

We request the media and journalist friends to help disseminate information about our activities to the wider public.

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