Enthusiasm Soars in Night Heritage Walk

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22 Apr 24
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Enthusiasm Soars in Night Heritage Walk

Udaipur: The Night Heritage Walk and Old City Food Trail were organized with the aim of acquainting the residents and future generations with the rich heritage, art, and culture of Lakeside City, along with its architectural splendor and culinary traditions, including the culinary arts from around the world. The event witnessed a large turnout of youth, women, and some elderly individuals.

The coordinator of the Heritage Walk and youth blogger and social media influencer, Sandeep Rathore, stated that the purpose of the event was to introduce the upcoming generation to the rich heritage and to evoke a sense of pride. The Heritage Walk commenced from Jagdish Chowk, led by senior guide, hotel-tourism and heritage walk specialist Chinmay Dixit, who provided insights into the rich heritage, architecture, history, art, and culture.

During the walk:

Chinmay Dixit highlighted the history, architectural significance, religious importance, and construction of the Jagdish Temple. He provided information about the Baduji Gate and showcased the ancient heritage of the Lal Ghat area. Subsequently, participants explored the beauty of the city's prominent havelis, learning about their architectural and historical significance. They visited GanGaur Ghat, Jethiyon Ka Akhada, Kaladwas Lal Haveli, Madari Haveli, Clock Tower, and gained insights into their architectural and historical importance. After exploring the ancient heritage, participants indulged in the famous 44-year-old Kachori of Paliwal and Rabdi of Rajubhai and enjoyed the exquisite Paan-Tambul, where Satyanarayan Paliwal, Rajubhai, and Anand Tamboli provided insights into these delicacies.

Fascinated by Unknown Facts:

During the Heritage Walk, Chinmay Dixit shared some lesser-known facts about Udaipur, leaving everyone thrilled. He informed about Udaipur being the second oldest municipality in India, its establishment as the fifth capital of Mewar, the sanctuary obtained by Shahjahan in Jag Mandir, and the significant role played by Maharana Sajjan Singh in the establishment of railways, Saraswati Library, and Solar Observatory. Participants were amazed by these revelations. During the Old City Food Trail, Dixit shared the origin of Gulab Jamun from Iran and Rabdi from Mathura, captivating the participants with the backstory.

Witnessing Udaipur's Ancient Glory for the First Time:

All participants in the Heritage Walk were visibly excited to explore Udaipur's ancient temples, archaeological sites, havelis, and were thrilled to present their unique reactions. Renowned Mumbai poet, singer, and songwriter Kavish Seth bestowed the title of "Living City" upon Udaipur upon witnessing its architectural grandeur, while Shraddha Murdia, founder of the Kasturi Foundation, remarked that the Heritage Walk is a powerful medium to connect our rich history with future generations. Nisha Dixit mentioned that although she has been residing in the city for the past 35 years, she has now truly experienced its glorious history and culture. Colonel KD Singh, the oldest participant of the Heritage Walk, found it fascinating and enlightening, while the youngest participant, Swara, labeled it as an excellent trip. Jasmeet Kaur, Gunjeet Kaur, Hemant Joshi, Neetu Rathore, Kunal Mehta, Sonu Suthar, Kanani Rathore, Dr. Surbhi Gandhi, Dr. Noreen, Kshipra Khandelwal, Nilofar Munir, Anand Jain, Preeti Ahuja, Priyanka Joshi, Khushboo, Marisha Joshi, Kartik Sharma, Priyansh Mehta, and Abhay Bhati all described the Heritage Walk as a vibrant glimpse into the city's rich history.

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