Chief Minister's Massive Tree Planting Campaign: 1500 Trees to be Planted in Pancholi

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10 Jul 24
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Chief Minister's Massive Tree Planting Campaign: 1500 Trees to be Planted in Pancholi

Udaipur. In a significant environmental initiative, the Rajasthan Social Service Institute launched a tree planting campaign under the Chief Minister's directive, targeting the planting of 1,500 trees in Bhoiyon ki Pancholi. The campaign, held at the Government Senior Secondary School in Bhoiyon ki Pancholi, aligns with Maharana Pratap’s ancient “Vishwa Vallabh: Vrikshayurveda” scripture, promoting the scientific planting of trees.

During the event, Udaipur Rural MLA Phool Singh Meena, along with former Pradhan Takhtsingh Shaktawat, Himmat Singh Devra, Amrit Lal Menaria, and the Chief District Education Officer Kunjbihari Bharadwaj, participated in the planting. The attendees committed to vigorously protect the newly planted trees, emphasizing the profound importance of trees to our breath, culture, and relationships.

Phool Singh Meena highlighted that the survival of each tree is crucial for the survival of human society itself, illustrating the intrinsic link between nature and human well-being. Deshpal Singh Shekhawat, head of the institution, discussed the importance of Pancholi in the production of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, noting the village's deep understanding of each plant's significance.

The trees selected for planting were chosen based on auspicious astrological timings, aiming to cultivate varieties that produce fruits and flowers, thus enhancing the local ecosystem. Special emphasis was given to the planting of culturally significant trees like Harshringar, Saptaparni, Sita Ashok, Ashapalak, Pomegranate, Kadamb, Coconut, Bilva, and Neem by female students, fostering a connection between the community's youth and their environment.

Educators Hari Singh Rajawat, Tarun Kumar Sharma, and Rajkumari Khabya enriched the occasion by sharing stories about the significance of trees, weaving educational narratives into the day’s activities. The event not only marked a substantial ecological effort but also strengthened the community’s commitment to preserving and enhancing their natural surroundings.

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