"Hausla" Program by Paras Health Udaipur Recognizes the Courage of Cancer Survivors!

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05 Feb 24
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"Hausla" Program by Paras Health Udaipur Recognizes the Courage of Cancer Survivors!

Udaipur - Paras Health, Udaipur, organized the "Hausla" program to honor the resilience of patients who have triumphed over cancer. The event showcased success stories of patients, emphasizing discussions on precautions and other measures to combat the increasing threat of cancer.

Cancer is a formidable disease, but significant progress has been made in its treatment. With the aim of raising awareness about cancer, Paras Health, Udaipur, hosted the "Hausla" program. The main guests at the event included Dr. Abel George, Facility Director of Paras Health Udaipur, Dr. Manoj Mahajan, Director of Medical Oncology, and Dr. Subhabrata Das, Senior Consultant in Surgical Oncology, along with cancer survivors who had successfully overcome the challenges of this severe illness.

During the program, cancer specialists from Paras Health, Udaipur, highlighted the rapid increase in cancer cases in India. Discussions covered early symptoms such as weight loss, fever, reduced appetite, coughing or blood in saliva, formation of lumps in the skin, changes in skin color, digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, excessive fatigue, and weakness. The program aimed to create awareness and encourage people to be vigilant about these early signs.

Paras Health experts stressed the need for immediate medical attention if anyone experiences internal health issues. Recognizing changes in your body and being alert to symptoms can play a crucial role in early detection and successful treatment of cancer.


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