###Rajasthan Government Supports Tribal Farmers with Free Maize Seed Minikits*

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23 Jun 24
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###Rajasthan Government Supports Tribal Farmers with Free Maize Seed Minikits*

**Udaipur,  In a significant move to support the farmers in the tribal regions of South Rajasthan, the state government has initiated the distribution of free maize seed minikits to 120,000 farmers ahead of the monsoon season. This initiative is part of the government's efforts to enhance agricultural productivity and provide relief to farmers under the directive of Chief Minister Shri Bhajanlal Sharma.

So far, 20,000 farmers in Udaipur district have already received their free hybrid maize seed minikits. The distribution aims to help farmers prepare for the Kharif crops and improve their yield with quality seeds.

Departmental officials emphasized that the program ensures the availability of free seeds to all farmers (both ST and non-ST) in the scheduled areas. This scheme aims to provide suitable seeds for sowing, particularly to those farmers who belong to weaker economic sections, thereby improving their economic status.

Modern agricultural techniques and advanced seeds play a crucial role in today's agricultural production. The free seed minikits provided by the government offer farmers an opportunity to achieve higher profits.

**Challenges Faced by Farmers:**
According to agricultural experts, selecting appropriate seeds for sowing is a major challenge, especially for economically weaker farmers. The Rajasthan government addresses this issue by providing seeds through this scheme in scheduled areas, targeting villages and regions with a majority of low-income farmers.

**Not Just Seeds, But Fertilizers and Equipment Too:**
Departmental officials mentioned that besides providing advanced seeds, the scheme also includes fertilizers and modern agricultural equipment. Farmers are informed about various government schemes and subsidies during the seed distribution process to help them achieve greater success in their farming endeavors. This initiative promotes agricultural development and social justice by offering equal opportunities to poor farmers.

**Distribution to Women Farmers:**
Deputy Director of Agriculture, Madhosingh Champawat, reported that against the target of distributing 120,000 maize minikits of the DHM 121 variety in Udaipur district, 20,000 minikits have already been distributed online. Priority is given to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, small and marginal farmers, and those living below the poverty line. Minikits are being distributed in the name of women, regardless of whether the land is registered in the name of their husbands, fathers, or fathers-in-law. Eligible farmers can obtain their free kits through their Jan Aadhaar card from their local agricultural supervisor.

This initiative by the Rajasthan government marks a crucial step towards enhancing agricultural productivity and providing significant support to the farmers of the tribal regions.

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